Summer Line is Active!! Ten new fabrics

About Our Products

We tried several styles and watched carefully during volleyball practice. Were they too restrictive, too weighty, unflattering to larger girls? They had to remain modest through the rigors of the game—jumping, diving, rolling etc. As required in most sports, there could not be any hardware (zipper or buttons). The fabric also had to be just right—lightweight, but not sheer—with enough stretch to allow for comfort while easing the strain on the seams. The fabric also had to be available in a wide variety of colors and stay bright through launderings without requiring special care or ironing. It was also important that each style could be made affordably. 

After a few seasons, we felt we had modified the design until it was perfect, and so did many other people. Ladies in our church began asking us to make these culottes for them, and our Christian school decided to make these culottes the standard in kindergarten through college.

All of our products are made from carefully selected wash-and-wear fabric that won’t fade, wrinkle or shrink. Everything has an easy stretch that reduces stress on the seams. The stretch eliminates the need for zippers or snaps while still creating a smooth, flattering look.

Our denim has a one-way stretch and is pre-washed and dried so that it will remain true to size. 

Today, Modesty in Motion is supplying culottes to Christian schools and teams nationwide. My machines are industrial, and the fabric comes to me hundreds of yards at a time. We have been honored to help several missionaries as well, so I guess one could even say our business is global!