Culottes made me “Somebody!”

I became a Christian in 1980. Soon after I realized that since God talks about clothes so much in the Bible it must be important to Him I adapted a standard of modesty in my own life and raised my children by those standards.

 While raising my girls and staying active with my family, I heard myself so often say, “Somebody needs to start a business selling culottes.”.

When I took up coaching Volleyball full time I was really in need of a supplier.  My team needed something to wear and I refused to put them in giant basketball shorts or Pleated split skirt that make you look like a flying squirrel. So, I got to work.

At the time it was just something I was doing for my team.  I tried several style and watched carefully during practice. Were they too restrictive, too weighty, unflattering to larger girls? They had to stay modest through the rigors of the game, jumping diving, rolling etc… As required in most sports there could not be any hardware (zipper or buttons) The fabric also had to be just right. Light weight but not sheer with enough stretch to allow for comfort and ease the strain on the seams.  It had to come in all colors and stay bright  with no special care instructions and NO IRONING.

It was also important that they could be made affordably. After a few seasons I felt the design was perfect. So did many other people.  Ladies in my church began asking me to make them some and the school decided to make my culottes the standard in  K-college.

I became the “Somebody”  starting the culottes business. Today Modesty in Motion is supplying culottes to Christian Schools and teams nation wide.  I am proud to help out several missionaries as well so I guess I am global.   My machines are industrial and the fabric comes to me hundreds of yards at a time.  In my spare time I am a wife and mother of four grown children and Grandmother to 5 little ones. I still coach volleyball with my husband from Fall to Spring in both public and private schools.

My real passion is the bus ministry.  I have been a bus captain bringing children to church for almost 30 years. I thank God for my salvation and the blessings I have received as a Christian these many years. ~Elise